Data Entry Operator Course – Duration, Syllabus, Salary, Online 2022

Data Entry Operator Course: If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a data entry operator, there are things you should know. We’ll outline what you can expect from a data entry operator course.

When it comes to finding lucrative work opportunities, data entry is often one of the top options that come to mind. After all, data entry is a critical function in many industries, and there’s a high demand for professionals with the necessary skills.

We provide some tips for choosing the right program. Read on to learn more!

Data Entry Operator Course Quick Guide

Course NameData Entry Operator Course
DurationVaries according to courses
Eligibility10th-12th pass
Course Fee5,000 – 35,000 INR
Job OpportunitiesMNC companies, banks, and other companies
Salary10k-20k per month

Who Is the Data Entry Operator?

Typically, data entry operators are responsible for recording information stored in computer databases or other digital formats. Data entry employees may be expected to type at speeds of 50 words per minute or more.

For this reason, many employers prefer to hire people with typing skills. If you already have some experience using a computer keyboard, you should have no problem learning how to become a data entry operator.

What Is the Work of The Data Entry Operator?

If you’re interested in becoming a data entry operator, it’s important to understand what will be required of you. To begin with, it is important to realize that the data entry operator job description includes more than typing. 

As a data entry operator, you’ll be expected to complete a number of tasks that are very different from one another. Despite the fact that your workday may seem to be all over the place, your duties will steadily increase in complexity.

In a nutshell, data entry operators are responsible for collecting, processing and manually inputting large amounts of information into a computer system. Data entry is a critical component of many different industries – including finance, technology, and healthcare.

 If you’re interested in a career as a data entry operator, it’s important that you obtain the proper training and certification. This way, it’s more likely that your resume will catch the eye of potential employers.

What Is the Role of The Data Entry Operator?

As a data entry operator, you’ll be expected to complete a specific set of tasks. Here’s what your workday may look like:

  • You will take raw data from a variety of sources and enter it into a computer program.
  • You may be required to sort information, which means you must organize data into appropriate categories.
  • You may be responsible for keeping accurate records of your work. For instance, you might need to verify that you’ve entered all of the data correctly.
  • You may need to verify that your records match those of other employees or clients. If your work is later reviewed, you must ensure that it is free of errors.
  • You will likely need to follow data entry procedures set by your employer or his or her supervisors. For example, certain data entry procedures may be required in order to ensure that clients’ information is kept confidential.
  • You will likely need to follow a set schedule, including working during regular business hours. For example, you may be expected to start and stop work at specific times.
  • You may need to work overtime or on weekends, depending on your employer’s needs and schedules.

What Is A Data Entry Operator Course?

Have you ever typed in a whole bunch of information into a computer, and then had to do it again the next day?

If you’re like most people, the answer is probably yes. That’s because data entry is one of the most common tasks that people do on a computer. And if you want to be able to do it quickly and efficiently, you need to know how to type fast. That’s where a data entry operator course comes in.

A good course will teach you everything from basic typing skills to more advanced formatting techniques.

data entry operator course

Why Study Data Entry Operator Training Course?

Data entry is used in a wide range of industries. For example, data entry jobs are frequently available at banks, credit card companies, insurance agencies, and government offices.

In general, being a data entry operator is a good choice for people who have experience with computers but don’t want to have a long and intensive career as a programmer.

That said, it will help if you have some kind of knowledge or training in another area before you enroll in a program. For example, if you’re interested in data entry work it’s a good idea to get familiar with spreadsheets.

Data Entry Operator Certificate Course Benefits

A data entry operator certificate course will help you land a job as a data entry operator, but there are other ways it will benefit you. If you take a course, your skills will improve.

With the right training program, you’ll learn how to type quickly and accurately, how to work with different types of software, and even how to format data entry forms.

Also, if you work for yourself as a freelance data entry operator, you’ll have the skills that you need to succeed. As a self-employed person, you can offer your services to different companies for data entry tasks of various types.

Data Entry Certificate Course Eligibility/Qualification

The eligibility/qualification for the data entry operator courses varies widely. That’s because there are different types of courses available, and some focus on basic skills while others focus on advanced skills.

For example, some courses teach everything you need to know about typing. Other courses go into more detail about business skills and customer service. As a rule of thumb, the longer the course is, the more advanced material you’ll learn.

Usually, any person can enroll in a data entry operator course. There are also advanced data entry courses for people who already have some kind of experience with computers.

Data Entry Certificate Course Syllabus

The data entry certificate course syllabus is generally divided into two parts: the first part focuses on basic typing skills and the second part covers more advanced formatting techniques.

For the first part, you’ll learn about using your computer’s keyboard and different types of keys. You’ll also learn how to use the Enter key, Tab keys, and how to select text. You’ll also learn about different typing exercises including speed tests and accuracy drills.

For the second part of your course, you’ll gain knowledge of various MS Office applications. You’ll learn about inserting text and formatting by using different keys, arrow keys, and the mouse. You’ll also learn how to use different formatting commands in MS Word.

You may also learn about data entry forms and how to format them. If you’re interested in self-employment, many courses will also cover the basics of starting your own business.

About DEO Computer Course Study Material

You may be wondering how a data entry operator course is taught. In general, the course is made up of lectures and hands-on practices. You can choose your method of study, depending on how you learn best.

For example, some people like to watch lessons and work through exercises on their own. Others prefer to have lessons repeated until they understand the concept. The best option for you will depend on your learning style and how much time you have.

While most courses offer study material in the form of written and video lessons, some also include exercises and quizzes. Generally speaking, the more in-depth the course is, the more benefits you’ll get from it.

Types Of Data Entry Operator Courses

There are four main types of data entry operator courses.

1. Basic Typing Skills: This course is the shortest and most affordable. Generally, this course will teach you basic typing skills and how to improve your speed and accuracy. You’ll also learn how to use the most common keys on a computer keyboard including the Enter key, Tab keys, Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V, and Esc key.

2. Basic MS Office Skills: With this course, you’ll learn how to use the most common MS Office programs such as MS Word and MS Excel. You’ll also learn how to format your typing using different keys and the mouse.

3. Advanced Typing Skills: This course is slightly more advanced than the basic course because it includes data entry exercises, tests, quizzes and exams for you to complete and submit online in order to get a certificate. In general, the more advanced the typing course is, the more knowledge you’ll gain from it.

4. Independently Certified Data Entry Operator Course: This course includes lessons and exercises from all other types of courses, but also teaches you how to start a business and gives you your own certificate at the end of it.

Data Entry Operator Diploma Courses

Data entry operator diploma courses are very similar to the independently-certified course, but you’ll get a Diploma at the end of it.

Generally, these courses are around the same price as the independently-certified course.

They include all of the benefits of other types of courses and you can get a Diploma to boost your resume.

Data Entry Operator Certificate Courses

The data entry operator course certificate is generally issued upon successful completion of the course. You can then submit your certificate with your resume to impress potential employers.

Generally, the certificate course is made up of many lessons and exercises and it can be completed in a few weeks or months, depending on how much time you have.

The cost of a data entry operator course can range from 5000 INR to over 50,000 INR, depending on the type of course you choose.

Data Entry Online Certificate Courses

some of the best data entry online certificate courses in India are as follows

  1. Skillshare: Excel for the Real World: Gain the Basic Skills of Microsoft Excel
  2. Udemy: Data Entry Course for Beginners
  3. LinkedIn Learning: Excel Shortcuts – Creating a data entry form
  4. Coursera: Practice Video – Data Entry, Data Types, Editing and Deleting
  5. Xero Online Accounting – the Practical Data Entry Course (Udemy)
  6. Practice Video: Data Entry, Data Types, Editing and Deleting (Coursera)

Skills Required for Data Entry Operator

A data entry operator is responsible for inputting, editing and verifying information in a system or file.

This requires mathematical, analytical and typing skills.

Typing skills are the most important because a data entry operator’s accuracy depends on their typing speed and accuracy. While some employers also require good computer skills, this can be learned through practice.

A good data entry operator should also be able to work well under pressure and meet deadlines. This is because a data entry operator will often have to submit their work quickly and without mistakes.

In general, a good data entry operator must also be accurate, attentive and patient.

Career After Data Entry Operator Courses

The skills you’ll gain from data entry operator courses, qualifications and experience will help you find jobs in several fields.

Generally, data entry operator courses are focused on the skills that a data entry operator requires, so they don’t teach you about other types of jobs.

However, with the skills and knowledge, you’ll gain from completing data entry operator courses, you can find higher-paid jobs in finance, marketing or sales.

You can also choose to work outside of the office, in an online business.

Jobs After Data Entry Computer Course

Data entry operator courses are aimed at people who want to work in their own business. After completing data entry computer course, you can find employment in various organizations and businesses.

  1. Data Entry Operator (DEO/Clerk)
  2. Data Encoding Operator (DEO/Clerk)
  3. Credit Processor
  4. Typist or Secretary
  5. Administrative Assistant
  6. Bookkeeper
  7. Billing Clerk
  8. Clerical Assistant
  9. Computer Operator

Data Entry Operator Vacancy In Government Sector

The job in the government sector is not much tough.  It’s more of good pay, pension and regular work.

Government sectors also required data entry operators for various posts.

The vacancies for data entry operator post is also there in the government sector like

  1. Indian Army
  2. Air force
  3. Nationalized Banks
  4. PSUs
  5. Private Sector

Top Recruiters of Data Entry Operator

  1. Infosys
  2. TCS
  3. HCL
  4. L&T Infotech
  5. Synechron
  6. Genpact
  7. Wipro
  8. Accenture
  9. Birla soft

Data Entry Operator Salary In India

The salary of a data entry operator can vary depending on various factors, including job market demand.

For example, an experienced data entry operator may earn up to 25,000 INR per month.

And a qualified data entry operator can earn up to 3 lakhs per month.

A fresher salary of a data entry operator is from 10k-20k per month. It depends on the skills, experience and company.

What To Do Next?

After completing a data entry operator course, you can start applying for jobs.

You may also choose to take additional courses in related subjects such as finance, marketing or computer software.

With the skills you’ve gained from data entry operator courses, you can also start your own business.


A career in data entry is a great option for people who enjoy working with numbers and making things easier.

Data entry professionals can earn quite well in a short span of time if they have put in their job in the right manner.

So, what are you waiting for?

Just go for it!!!


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